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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Catholic Church, 10 books
Hyun Kyung Youm, 6 books
Martin Agricola, 5 books
Albert Brennink, 4 books
Armand Machabey, 4 books
Earl Henry, 4 books
Gardner Read, 4 books
Thomas E. Rudolph, 4 books
V. K. Krishna Prasad, 4 books
Samuel Rubio, 3 books
Carl Parrish, 3 books
Gerald Warfield, 3 books
Li, Chongguang., 2 books
Robert Lilienfeld, 2 books
Tappolet, Willy, 2 books
Johannes Tinctoris, 2 books
Maurice Lemaître, 2 books
K. V. A. Bajura, 2 books
Bussler, Ludwig, 2 books
Heinrich Bellermann, 2 books
Sol Babitz, 2 books
Emanuel Winternitz, 2 books
Paul Creston, 2 books
Anthony Donato, 2 books
Gustav Jacobsthal, 2 books


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