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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Zichu Wang, 7 books
Florence Gétreau, 5 books
Roger Bragard, 4 books
Salmen, Walter, 4 books
Albert P. de Mirimonde, 3 books
Emanuel Winternitz, 3 books
René Clemencic, 3 books
Hans Hickmann, 3 books
Edmund A. Bowles, 3 books
Ember, Ildikó., 2 books
Jerzy Banach, 2 books
Pincherle, Marc, 2 books
Georg Kinsky, 2 books
Heinrich Besseler, 2 books
Valentin Denis, 2 books
Cristina Santarelli, 2 books
Ulrike Groos, 2 books
Alberti, Luciano, 2 books
Gérard Denizeau, 2 books
Alberto Ausoni, 2 books
Richard D. Leppert, 2 books
Kerry Brougher, 2 books
Jeremy Barlow, 2 books
Scott Messing, 2 books
Karin von Maur, 2 books


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