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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Cadw: Welsh Historic Monuments, 9 books
Prestel, 7 books
Kathy J. Rygle, 4 books
Stephen F. Pedersen, 4 books
Richard Avent, 3 books
Anthony Wilson, 3 books
Oliver Garnett, 3 books
Jan Metcalfe, 3 books
Elisabeth Sussman, 3 books
Malcolm Miller, 2 books
Roy Dixon, 2 books
Rick Steves, 2 books
Rosenblum, Robert., 2 books
Thomas Lawton, 2 books
Catherine Hess, 2 books
Graham Stuart Thomas, 2 books
Anthony Mitchell, 2 books
David Cohen, 2 books
Anthony Burton, 2 books
Bernadine Barnes, 2 books
David M. Robinson, 2 books
David Durston, 2 books
Michael Wynne, 2 books
Jean-Pierre Cuzin, 2 books
Raymond Keaveney, 2 books


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