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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Rudolf von Laban, 3 books
Janet Rubin, 3 books
Colette Conroy, 3 books
Simon David Murray, 2 books
King, Nancy, 2 books
Jean Sabatine, 2 books
Eugenio Barba, 2 books
Nancy King, 2 books
Annie Loui, 2 books
Malkin, Michael R, 1 book
Christine Bernd, 1 book
Edwin C. White, 1 book
Bari Rolfe, 1 book
Mark V. Rose, 1 book
Irène Eynat-Confino, 1 book
Konrad Schoell, 1 book
Liang, Xiujuan, 1 book
Anya Peterson Royce, 1 book
Anne Bogart, 1 book
Mark Evans, 1 book
Dymphna Callery, 1 book
Bella Merlin, 1 book
Martin, John, 1 book
Lorna Marshall, 1 book
Barbara Clark, 1 book


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