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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Charles Harrison, 6 books
Thierry de Duve, 5 books
Paul Klee, 5 books
Pablo Picasso, 4 books
Peter Paret, 4 books
Debra Bricker Balken, 3 books
Steven Heller, 3 books
Francis Frascina, 3 books
Norman F. Cantor, 3 books
Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art (Chicago, Ill.), 3 books
Esther Trépanier, 2 books
Georges Duthuit, 2 books
George Biddle, 2 books
Gino Severini, 2 books
Lionello Venturi, 2 books
Carlos Zílio, 2 books
Steffen Dix, 2 books
Paul Wood, 2 books
Lisa Skolnik, 2 books
Peter Childs, 2 books
Peter Brooker, 2 books
Clark, John, 2 books
John Jervis, 2 books
Alastair Duncan, 2 books
Jonathan Harris, 2 books


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