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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Raymond J. Corsini, 3 books
Jacques Hadamard, 2 books
Larry J. Kricka, 2 books
Clyde Hendrick, 2 books
Chris Hatcher, 2 books
Herbert Bassow, 2 books
Alison Wray, 2 books
Odil Hannes Steck, 2 books
Earl R. Babbie, 2 books
Lester Packer, 2 books
John Allen Paulos, 2 books
Donald Wiebe, 2 books
Thomas H. Troeger, 2 books
Gould, Peter, 2 books
Kate Trott, 2 books
Aileen Bloomer, 2 books
Tim May, 2 books
Moira Stewart, 2 books
C. Ronco, 2 books
Jaan Valsiner, 2 books
Rolf Porst, 2 books
Arnold Binder, 2 books
Floyd J. Fowler, 2 books
Geoffrey Walford, 2 books
Norman K. Denzin, 2 books


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