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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Henri Matisse, 7 books
Russell, John, 3 books
Pierre Schneider, 2 books
Jack Cowart, 2 books
Dorthe Aagesen, 2 books
John O'Brian, 2 books
Rebecca A. Rabinow, 2 books
John Elderfield, 2 books
John Jacobus, 2 books
Hilary Spurling, 2 books
Lucie Dorais, 1 book
Pierre Bonnard, 1 book
Sebastian Smee, 1 book
Alastair Wright, 1 book
Volkmar Essers, 1 book
Mila Boutan, 1 book
Susan Goldman Rubin, 1 book
A. G. Kostenevich, 1 book
John Klein, 1 book
Ingrid Schaffner, 1 book
John House, 1 book
Walter Guadagnini, 1 book
Rene Percheron, 1 book
Christian Brouder, 1 book
Cath Bock Weiss, 1 book


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