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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jacques Médecin, 4 books
Georges Castellana, 3 books
Michel NALLINO, 3 books
André Compan, 3 books
Luc F. Thevenon, 3 books
René Louis Maurice, 3 books
Ruth Cawker, 2 books
Henri Matisse, 2 books
Fernand Benoît, 2 books
Graham Greene, 2 books
Michel Steve, 2 books
Yvan Gastaut, 2 books
André Compan, 2 books
Reinat Toscano, 2 books
Annie Sidro, 2 books
Yves Séméria, 2 books
Marguerite Isnard, 2 books
D. Foussard, 1 book
Bernard L. Vigod, 1 book
René Liautaud, 1 book
Jan Blaquiera, 1 book
Joseph Turquan, 1 book
Malik-Khanam., 1 book
Charles Astro, 1 book
Francis Gag, 1 book


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