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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
William H. Gerdts, 18 books
Richard R. Brettell, 18 books
Claude Monet, 16 books
Ingo F. Walther, 16 books
David Spence, 13 books
John House, 13 books
Raymond Cogniat, 12 books
Auguste Renoir, 12 books
Germain Bazin, 11 books
Taschen Publishing, 11 books
Rewald, John, 10 books
Charles S. Moffett, 8 books
Théodore Duret, 8 books
Marco Goldin, 7 books
Anne Distel, 7 books
Russell Ash, 7 books
Colin B. Bailey, 7 books
Peter H. Feist, 7 books
National Gallery of Art (U.S.), 7 books
Norma Broude, 7 books
Rainer Metzger, 6 books
Théodore Duret, 6 books
Pascal Bonafoux, 6 books
Jean Leymarie, 6 books
Diane Kelder, 6 books


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