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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Catholic Church, 56 books
Josef A. Jungmann, 13 books
Giovanni Bona, 11 books
Nikolaus Gihr, 11 books
Alphonsus Maria de Liguori, 9 books
Martin Luther, 9 books
Johannes de Lapide, 8 books
Pierre Lebrun, 8 books
Klaus Gamber, 8 books
Romano Guardini, 7 books
O'Brien, John, 7 books
Cipriano de Valera, 7 books
Gerald Ellard, 6 books
Joseph Ratzinger, 6 books
Davies, Michael, 6 books
A. M. Roguet, 6 books
Henri Daniel-Rops, 5 books
Pius Parsch, 5 books
Maria Montessori, 5 books
Thomas Harding, 5 books
Fernand Cabrol, 5 books
Joseph M. Champlin, 5 books
Joseph Kramp, 5 books
Mary Theola, 5 books
Kevin W. Irwin, 5 books


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