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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Pat Pattison, 4 books
Robin Frederick, 4 books
Pamela Phillips Oland, 3 books
Paul Zollo, 3 books
Jack Canfield, 3 books
Mark Victor Hansen, 2 books
Colm O Lochlainn, 2 books
Brian Doerksen, 2 books
Sheila Davis, 2 books
Buddy Kaye, 1 book
Caroline Sullivan, 1 book
Melton Alonza McLaurin, 1 book
Syde Berman, 1 book
Ira Gershwin, 1 book
Terry Cox, 1 book
Andrea Stolpe, 1 book
Eric Starr, 1 book
Pamela Oland, 1 book
Zhihua Huang, 1 book
Randy Rudder, 1 book
Drew Signor, 1 book
Jones, Tom, 1 book
Laurent Bibard, 1 book
Stephen Citron, 1 book
Gene Lees, 1 book


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