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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Catholic Church, 32 books
Église catholique, 14 books
Church of England, 13 books
H. A. Hill, 12 books
Église catholique., 11 books
William Hess, 6 books
Heinrich Otten, 5 books
Silas Tertius Rand, 4 books
Joseph Marcoux, 4 books
Pope Gregory I, 4 books
Jean-Pierre Guéguen, 4 books
Frederic Baraga, 3 books
Charles Arnaud, 3 books
Douglas Frayne, 3 books
John Horden, 3 books
Raffi, 3 books
Maryann Kovalski, 3 books
Origen, 3 books
Pacifique père, 3 books
E. J. Peck, 3 books
Jean Baptiste de La Brosse, 3 books
Jean-Claude Mathevet, 3 books
Jean Carmignac, 2 books
Ives Goddard, 2 books
Gray, John, 2 books


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