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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Ch'ung-i Nieh, 2 books
Kurihara, Keisuke., 1 book
Anzhai Li, 1 book
Meng'ou Wang, 1 book
Yung Chiang, 1 book
Daisaku Nitta, 1 book
Ryuichi Suzuki, 1 book
Chuanxian Dai, 1 book
Yung Ts'ai, 1 book
Kunio Shima, 1 book
Liao-wêng Wei, 1 book
P'ing-chên Wang, 1 book
Shih-p'ei Liu, 1 book
Shên Yang, 1 book
Hsiang-tao Ch'ên, 1 book
Ch'êng Wu, 1 book
Chüeh-ching-hsin-shih-chu-jen, 1 book
Bin Zhu, 1 book
Kuang-p'o Li, 1 book
Kuo-wei Wang, 1 book
Tê Tai, 1 book
Chan Chʻen, 1 book
Sung-tʻao Kuo, 1 book
Keisuke Kurihara, 1 book
Tzʻu-to Hsü, 1 book


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