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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
M C Beaton Writing as Marion Chesney, 17 books
Paula Marshall, 12 books
Nora Roberts, 11 books
Barbara Cartland, 11 books
Catherine Coulter, 11 books
Lauran Paine, 10 books
Janet Dailey, 7 books
J. A. Johnstone, 7 books
Gerald Hammond, 7 books
James Pattinson, 7 books
Fern Michaels, 6 books
David Baldacci, 6 books
Max Brand [pseudonym], 6 books
Penny Jordan, 6 books
Lynne Graham, 6 books
Joanna Maitland, 5 books
Tracie Peterson, 5 books
Louis L'Amour, 5 books
Patten, Lewis B., 5 books
Claire Thornton, 5 books
Stuart Woods, 5 books
Claire Lorrimer, 5 books
Miranda Lee, 5 books
Georgette Heyer, 5 books
Frank Gruber, 5 books