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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Kan-chʻae Na, 3 books
Chŏng-un Chʻoe, 2 books
Chong-gŏn Hwang, 2 books
In-sŏp Han, 2 books
Yŏng-t'aek Kim, 2 books
Mun, Sun-tʻae, 1 book
Cho, Kap-che, 1 book
Lee, Jae-eui., 1 book
Dae Jung Kim, 1 book
Chun-man Kang, 1 book
Sang-sik Yi, 1 book
Hye-gang Pak, 1 book
Yŏng-tʻaek Kim, 1 book
Sŏg-yŏng Hwang, 1 book
Hŭi-yŏn Cho, 1 book
Arnold A. Peterson, 1 book
Sŏn-chʻŏl Kim, 1 book
Tong-su Yun, 1 book
Chʻŏr-u Im, 1 book
Ho-jae Pak, 1 book
George N. Katsiaficas, 1 book
Sam-sŏng Yi, 1 book
Han-bong Yun, 1 book
Hŭi-dam Hong, 1 book
Yūko Manabe, 1 book


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