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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Richard Baxter, 15 books
Andrew Croswell, 6 books
Humfrey, John, 6 books
Alister E. McGrath, 5 books
Charles Pettit McIlvaine, 5 books
Hervey, James, 4 books
William Pemble, 4 books
John MacArthur, 4 books
Brown, John, 4 books
John Berridge, 4 books
Goodwin, John, 4 books
Bull, George, 3 books
John Piper, 3 books
George Downame, 3 books
Willard, Samuel, 3 books
Hamilton, Patrick, 3 books
Porter, John, 3 books
Hooker, Richard, 3 books
Martin Luther, 3 books
John Wesley, 3 books
Albrecht Ritschl, 2 books
John Henry Newman, 2 books
Council of Trent (1545-1563), 2 books
Michael Servetus, 2 books
Gustaf Aulén, 2 books


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