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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Beverly A. Potter, 20 books
Cary L. Cooper, 16 books
Cary L. Cooper, 10 books
James C. Quick, 7 books
Roy Payne, 5 books
Daniel C. Ganster, 4 books
Jeffrey T. Mitchell, 4 books
J. Allen Queen, 4 books
Pamela L. Perrewe, 4 books
I. Friedman, 4 books
Barbara L. Brock, 4 books
Jack Dunham, 4 books
Marilyn L. Grady, 4 books
J. E. Dunlap, 3 books
Amarjit Singh Sethi, 3 books
Marilyn Davidson, 3 books
Susan Cartwright, 3 books
Jenny Firth-Cozens, 3 books
Randall S. Schuler, 3 books
Leonard Territo, 3 books
Walter H. Gmelch, 3 books
Anita Bruzzese, 3 books
Ellen Kirschman, 3 books
Miles Morland, 3 books
Kevin J. Swick, 3 books


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