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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Pope Gregory I, 21 books
Pseudonymous Bosch, 16 books
Cate Tiernan, 12 books
Oliver Lodge, 12 books
Gustav Theodor Fechner, 11 books
Alyson Noël, 10 books
Alyson Noël, 10 books
Gena Showalter, 10 books
Moses Mendelssohn, 9 books
Πλάτων, 8 books
Pietro Pomponazzi, 8 books
Marsilio Ficino, 8 books
William James, 7 books
Balfour Stewart, 7 books
Plato, 6 books
Sean Stewart, 6 books
Natalie Babbitt, 6 books
John Fiske, 6 books
Julie Kagawa, 6 books
Richard Baxter, 6 books
Mark Grant Davis, 6 books
Alyson Noel, 6 books
Broad, C. D., 5 books
Harry Emerson Fosdick, 5 books
Immanuel Hermann Fichte, 5 books


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