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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Robert Jourdain, 3 books
Michael P. Barnett, 2 books
Edwin Rutsch, 2 books
Tim Hartnell, 1 book
Gerald Van Diver, 1 book
Dian Girard, 1 book
Andrews, Nancy, 1 book
Richard Startz, 1 book
David E. Simon, 1 book
Gabriel Cuellar, 1 book
David E. Grice, 1 book
Maury Peiperl, 1 book
Jonathan Sachs, 1 book
Steven Manus, 1 book
Gerald VanDiver, 1 book
Lyle J. Graham, 1 book
Barbara Lee Chertok, 1 book
James Stone, 1 book
Robert Lafore, 1 book
James K. Hallenburg, 1 book
Foster, 1 book
Robert Boylestad, 1 book
Dov Rosenfeld, 1 book
Choisser, 1 book
Steven Holzner, 1 book


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