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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Bruce Lansky, 19 books
Jack Prelutsky, 17 books
Shel Silverstein, 16 books
Cole, William, 11 books
X. J. Kennedy, 7 books
Ogden Nash, 6 books
Ciardi, John, 6 books
Michael Rosen, 6 books
Douglas Florian, 5 books
Stephen Carpenter, 5 books
Lee, Dennis, 5 books
Jack Prelutsky, 5 books
Joanna Cole, 5 books
Lear, Edward, 5 books
J. Patrick Lewis, 4 books
Betty Paraskevas, 4 books
Richard Wilbur, 4 books
Hilaire Belloc, 4 books
Roald Dahl, 4 books
Steinberg, David, 3 books
Brod Bagert, 3 books
Stephanie Calmenson, 3 books
David L. Harrison, 3 books
Colin McNaughton, 3 books
Jeanne Steig, 3 books


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