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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
University of Leeds. Library, 9 books
Ruth Rendell, 6 books
Herman Parish, 6 books
Jonathan Swift, 6 books
Mary Hooper, 6 books
Pamela Horn, 5 books
Henry Fielding, 5 books
Coolkyousinnjya, 5 books
Peggy Parish, 4 books
Y. S. Lee, 4 books
Daniel Defoe, 3 books
Rosina Harrison, 3 books
Marthe Jocelyn, 3 books
Guy Maddalone, 3 books
Rosie Goodwin, 3 books
Barbara Mariconda, 3 books
Sarah Bower, 3 books
Robert Roberts, 3 books
Blanca Figueroa, 3 books
Margaret Powell, 3 books
Kate Cann, 3 books
Massachusetts Sabbath School Society, 3 books
Natasha Solomons, 3 books
Mignon Duffy, 3 books
Mitsuhiro Kimura, 3 books


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