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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Robert J. Banks, 3 books
Frank Viola, 2 books
Rad Zdero, 2 books
S. David Moore, 2 books
Carolyn Osiek, 2 books
Del Birkey, 1 book
Philip A. Anderson, 1 book
Thomas S. Goslin, 1 book
Raymond A. Reid, 1 book
Noble, John, 1 book
David L. Balch, 1 book
Roy Hollands, 1 book
T. Ed Barlow, 1 book
Cho, Yong-gi, 1 book
Larry Stockstill, 1 book
David Prior, 1 book
Gene Edwards, 1 book
Bill Easum, 1 book
William Tenny-Brittian, 1 book
Janet H. Tulloch, 1 book
Hans-Josef Klauck, 1 book
David Yonggi Cho, 1 book
Paul Yonggi, 1 book
Harold Hostetler, 1 book
Diana Archer, 1 book


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