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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Rose Senehi, 3 books
Doc Vega, 2 books
Jorge V. Sibal, 2 books
Janna Hill, 2 books
Leigh DeMarchand, 1 book
Del Birkey, 1 book
Trevor Lang Carter, 1 book
Don Monkerud, 1 book
Joel C. Rosenberg, 1 book
Cinda Williams Chima, 1 book
Stefan Swanepoel, 1 book
Vivekananda, 1 book
Julie Sturman, 1 book
Rochelle Alers, 1 book
Dave McKean, 1 book
A. Jennings, 1 book
Shannon Penney, 1 book
Matthew W. Koven, 1 book
W., Jr. Wangerin, 1 book
John Kingsley, 1 book
Mrs. T., 1 book
Karen, Michelle Thompson, 1 book
Helena Roerich, 1 book
Bev Moodie, 1 book
Larry Troxel, 1 book