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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jill Nice, 5 books
Jill Rosemary Davies, 4 books
Linda B. White, 3 books
ICON Health Publications, 3 books
Hong-Yen Hsu, 3 books
Joerg Gruenwald, 3 books
Steven Foster, 3 books
Lesley Tierra, 3 books
Michael Tierra, 3 books
Mary E. O'Brien, 2 books
Peter Theiss, 2 books
Arthur J. Roberts, 2 books
David Schiller, 2 books
David Schiller, 2 books
John Heinerman, 2 books
Earl Mindell, 2 books
Hyla Cass, 2 books
Anna M. Barton, 2 books
Frank Murray, 2 books
Brenda Little, 2 books
Virginia Hopkins, 2 books
Chris Mead, 2 books
Joanne Barnes, 2 books
Storey Publishing, 2 books
Sheila Snow, 2 books


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