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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Massachusetts. Chronic Disease Surveillance Program, 13 books
Linda Brannon, 6 books
Zhaoguang Hong, 6 books
Jess Feist, 5 books
Molly Mettler, 5 books
Heting Zhu, 5 books
Andrew Weil, 4 books
David M. Cutler, 3 books
Werner W. K. Hoeger, 3 books
Karen Glanz, 3 books
Donald W. Kemper, 3 books
Peter Axt, 3 books
Michael F. Roizen, 3 books
Jie Li, 3 books
Rebecca Weber, 3 books
Claudine Herzlich, 2 books
Louise Lapierre, 2 books
Kaibara, Ekiken, 2 books
Jennie Naidoo, 2 books
Bess Marcus, 2 books
Charles Stuart Platkin, 2 books
Kathy Matthews, 2 books
Arvind Singhal, 2 books
Paul Martin, 2 books
Howard S. Friedman, 2 books


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