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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Harold I. Kaplan, 10 books
S. R. Slavson, 9 books
Eric Berne, 8 books
Moreno, J. L., 6 books
Malcolm Pines, 6 books
Irvin D. Yalom, 6 books
Walter N. Stone, 6 books
Dorothy Stock Whitaker, 5 books
Benjamin J. Sadock, 4 books
Hendrik Marinus Ruitenbeek, 4 books
Max Rosenbaum, 4 books
Scott Simon Fehr, 4 books
Philip J. Flores, 4 books
K. Roy MacKenzie, 4 books
Will Schutz, 4 books
Jane Dossick, 4 books
Martin Lakin, 4 books
Martin Grotjahn, 3 books
Maxwell Jones, 3 books
Earl Hopper, 3 books
Sheila Ernst, 3 books
Jacob W. Klapman, 3 books
Barbara W. Posthuma, 3 books
Helen Elise Durkin, 3 books
Jeremiah Donigian, 3 books


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