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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Windy Dryden, 41 books
Gerald Corey, 30 books
Richard Nelson-Jones, 27 books
Allen E. Ivey, 20 books
Stephen Palmer, 18 books
Samuel T. Gladding, 17 books
Jeffrey A. Kottler, 17 books
Robert R. Carkhuff, 17 books
Len Sperry, 16 books
Gerard Egan, 14 books
Robert Bor, 14 books
Dave Capuzzi, 13 books
Gary R. Collins, 12 books
Derald Wing Sue, 12 books
John McLeod, 12 books
Garry Richard Walz, 11 books
Rogers, Carl R., 11 books
L. Sherilyn Cormier, 10 books
Kathryn Geldard, 10 books
Douglas R. Gross, 10 books
Jon Carlson, 10 books
Colin Feltham, 10 books
Palmer, Stephen, 10 books
Jay Edward Adams, 10 books
Bradley T. Erford, 9 books


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