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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Brad Dayley, 5 books
Tim Ormsby, 4 books
Ron Tanner, 3 books
Kim Topley, 3 books
Johnson, Jeff Ph. D., 3 books
Corey Schuman, 3 books
Jeff Johnson, 2 books
Mark Summerfield, 2 books
Lyle Johnson, 2 books
Susan Weinschenk, 2 books
Brennon Williams, 2 books
Joel Adams, 2 books
Susan L. Fowler, 2 books
Kevin Mullet, 2 books
Wilbert O. Galitz, 2 books
Theo Mandel, 2 books
Margaret M. Maher, 2 books
Chris Bernard, 1 book
Jasmin Blanchette, 1 book
Tony Gaddis, 1 book
Chuck Easttom, 1 book
Steve Caplin, 1 book
Andrew W. Troelsen, 1 book
Katherine Wrightson, 1 book
David J. Ritter, 1 book


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