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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Geert Booij, 18 books
Jaap van Marle, 17 books
G. E. Booij, 8 books
Andrew Spencer, 5 books
G.E. Booij, 5 books
Wolfgang U. Dressler, 4 books
Martin Everaert, 3 books
Matthew Baerman, 3 books
Andrew Hippisley, 3 books
No name, 3 books
Mark Aronoff, 3 books
Laura J. Downing, 2 books
Louisa Sadler, 2 books
Sergio Scalise, 2 books
Maria-Luise Beck, 2 books
Peter Ackema, 2 books
Bernhard Wolfgang Rohrbacher, 2 books
Klaus Zimmermann, 2 books
Joan Bybee, 2 books
Dunstan Brown, 2 books
John Stonham, 2 books
Aditi Lahiri, 2 books
Riny Huybregts, 2 books
Andrea Sims, 2 books
Ram Frost, 2 books