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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Gene Florence, 11 books
Cathy Florence, 10 books
Jim Mauzy, 9 books
Debbie Coe, 8 books
Randy Coe, 7 books
Bill Edwards, 6 books
Barbara E. Mauzy, 5 books
Mike Carwile, 5 books
Judy Wardell, 4 books
Alan Gear, 4 books
Patricia Rosser Clements, 4 books
Joan E. Kaiser, 4 books
Barbara Mauzy, 4 books
Barry Freestone, 4 books
Monica Lynn Clements, 4 books
Raymond E. Barlow, 4 books
Alan D. Gear, 3 books
Sherry Riggs, 3 books
Leslie A. Pina, 3 books
Paula Pendergrass, 3 books
Kenn Whitmyer, 3 books
Tom Bredehoft, 3 books
Bob Garrison, 3 books
Mark Pickvet, 3 books
Myrna Garrison, 3 books


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