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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Wilhelm Pinder, 7 books
Max Sauerlandt, 5 books
Peter Volk, 5 books
Gerhard Marcks, 4 books
Hubert Wilm, 3 books
Adolf Feulner, 3 books
Hans Jantzen, 3 books
The Museum of Modern Farts, 3 books
Arie Hartog, 3 books
Bloch, Peter, 3 books
Reinhard Karrenbrock, 3 books
Helmut Scharf, 2 books
Georg Baselitz, 2 books
Peter Bloch, 2 books
Alina Dobrzecki, 2 books
Gert von der Osten, 2 books
Bayerisches Nationalmuseum., 2 books
Alfred Hentzen, 2 books
Birk Ohnesorge, 2 books
Erich Herzog, 2 books
Veit Loers, 2 books
Walter Hentschel, 2 books
Eugen Lüthgen, 2 books
Rainer Kahsnitz, 2 books
Olaf Metzel, 2 books


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