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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jeff Gordinier, 4 books
Debby Fowles, 3 books
Sarah Young Fisher, 3 books
Daniel Grassian, 2 books
Bruce Tulgan, 2 books
Bret Easton Ellis, 2 books
Brown, Steve, 2 books
Claire Raines, 2 books
Rachel Singer Gordon, 1 book
Lesley Andres, 1 book
Smith, Chuck, 1 book
Noah Levine, 1 book
Diane Wachtell, 1 book
David Rumer, 1 book
Richard Scarsbrook, 1 book
Jeff Somers, 1 book
Ezra Levant, 1 book
Douglas Coupland, 1 book
Meredith E. Bagby, 1 book
Steve Rabey, 1 book
Todd Hahn, 1 book
Michael Hornburg, 1 book
Bernard Carl Rosen, 1 book
Matt Goldberg, 1 book
Susan Shelly, 1 book


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