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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
H., H. Munro, 12 books
Saki, 12 books
Davis, Richard Harding, 8 books
Reade, Charles, 7 books
Dion Boucicault, 7 books
Booth Tarkington, 7 books
Alice Thomas Ellis, 7 books
Arnold Bennett, 7 books
Émile Zola, 7 books
Paul Henri Thiery, 7 books
Paul Henri Thiry baron d'Holbach, 7 books
John Richardson, 6 books
William Morris, 6 books
J. Sheridan Lefanu, 6 books
J., Sheridan Le Fanu, 6 books
Ray Benoit, 6 books
George Vomvoris, 6 books
Iceberg Slim, 5 books
Robert Beck, 5 books
John Allen, 5 books
Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu, 5 books
Mabel Osgood Wright, 4 books
Fred M. White, 4 books
Grace, 4 books
Harry Leon Wilson, 4 books


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