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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Steve Bradley, 5 books
Guy Cooper, 5 books
Gordon Taylor, 5 books
Susan Berry, 4 books
Clay Perry, 4 books
David Stevens, 4 books
Helen Nash, 3 books
Jane Brown, 3 books
Roy Strong, 3 books
Carolyn B. Mitchell, 3 books
Flora in Focus, 3 books
Melanie Eclare, 3 books
Arabella Lennox-Boyd, 2 books
Margaret MacAvoy, 2 books
Diarmuid Gavin, 2 books
Sandra Pope, 2 books
Terence Conran, 2 books
Bolton, James, 2 books
Louisa Jones, 2 books
Peter Robinson, 2 books
Anne De Verteuil, 2 books
Joel Lerner, 2 books
Helena Attlee, 2 books
Ken Druse, 2 books
Elspeth Thompson, 2 books


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