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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Albert Gallatin Mackey, 22 books
Jacques Lemaire, 14 books
Daniel Beresniak, 13 books
V. S. Brachev, 11 books
Helmut Reinalter, 11 books
Fulvio Conti, 11 books
Oliver, George, 11 books
Alain Bauer, 10 books
José Antonio Ferrer Benimeli, 10 books
Stanisław Krajski, 10 books
Norbert Wójtowicz, 10 books
Marco Novarino, 10 books
Robert Lomas, 9 books
Paul Naudon, 8 books
José Agostinho de Macedo, 8 books
Morgan, William, 8 books
A. I. Serkov, 8 books
Aldo Alessandro Mola, 8 books
Allen E. Roberts, 8 books
Robert Lomas, 8 books
Christopher Knight, 7 books
Alec Mellor, 7 books
Guy Chassagnard, 7 books
Robert Ambelain, 7 books
Robert Macoy, 7 books