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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Scott Dikkers, 3 books
Peter Hilleren, 3 books
Ricky Gervais, 2 books
John Baur, 2 books
John Boswell, 2 books
Andrews McMeel Publishing, 2 books
D Borgenicht, 2 books
Chris Reid, 2 books
T. J. Dawe, 2 books
John Kantz, 2 books
MoDMaN, 2 books
Bad Dog Press, 2 books
Chris Gibbs, 2 books
Dearth Nadir, 2 books
Xiao En, 2 books
Mark Summers, 2 books
Tom Maeder, 2 books
E. Twede, 2 books
D. Linford, 2 books
Tye R. Farrell, 2 books
Jeffrey Morrow, 2 books
Dan Klein, 1 book
Paul Slansky, 1 book
Mike Dowdall, 1 book
Sandra Bergeson, 1 book


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