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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Brothers Grimm, 8 books
Nisard, Charles, 6 books
Leander Petzoldt, 5 books
Heda Jason, 5 books
Dov Noy, 4 books
Norma Olin Ireland, 4 books
Antti Amatus Aarne, 4 books
John Miles Foley, 4 books
Seki, Keigo, 3 books
Lutz Röhrich, 3 books
Keightley, Thomas, 3 books
Frobenius, Leo, 3 books
Alfons de Cock, 3 books
Isidore Okpewho, 3 books
Lutz Röhrich, 3 books
Margaret Read MacDonald, 3 books
Stith Thompson, 3 books
Saim Sakaoğlu, 3 books
F. I. Buslaev, 3 books
Martin Hallett, 3 books
Lawana Trout, 3 books
Stefaan Top, 2 books
J. G. Oosten, 2 books
Douglas Hyde, 2 books
Ramón D. Perés, 2 books


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