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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Alain Silver, 8 books
James Ursini, 4 books
Eddie Muller, 3 books
Foster Hirsch, 3 books
Raymond Borde, 3 books
William Hare, 3 books
Michael F. Keaney, 2 books
Gene D. Phillips, 2 books
Jans B. Wager, 2 books
Andrew Spicer, 2 books
Robert Miklitsch, 2 books
Barry Gifford, 2 books
Karen Burroughs Hannsberry, 2 books
Jonathan Auerbach, 2 books
Ronald Schwartz, 2 books
Patrick Brion, 2 books
François Guérif, 2 books
Arthur Lyons, 2 books
Stathēs Valoukos, 1 book
Park, William, 1 book
Antonio Castro, 1 book
Andrew Dickos, 1 book
Robert Ottoson, 1 book
Nathaniel Rich, 1 book
Peter Stanfield, 1 book


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