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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Doris Lessing, 11 books
Mary Wollstonecraft, 10 books
Simone de Beauvoir, 9 books
Elizabeth Cady Stanton, 5 books
Dianne Day, 5 books
Vera Brittain, 5 books
Flora Tristan, 5 books
Germaine Greer, 5 books
Shizue Katō, 4 books
Margit Borg-Sundman, 4 books
Kartini Raden Adjeng, 4 books
Stephanie Sammartino McPherson, 4 books
bell hooks, 4 books
Claudine Monteil, 4 books
William Godwin, 4 books
Kate Millett, 4 books
Dorothy Allison, 3 books
Phyllis Chesler, 3 books
Yamazaki, Tomoko, 3 books
Lois W. Banner, 3 books
Maud Gonne, 3 books
Lucile Davis, 3 books
Lidia Falcón, 3 books
Audre Lorde, 3 books
Barbara Findlen, 3 books


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