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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Gillian Linscott, 11 books
Elizabeth Cady Stanton, 5 books
June Purvis, 4 books
Paula Bartley, 4 books
Ann D. Gordon, 3 books
Deborah Kops, 3 books
Stephanie Sammartino McPherson, 3 books
Sandra Stanley Holton, 3 books
Jo Vellacott, 3 books
Sara Bard Field, 2 books
Geoffrey C. Ward, 2 books
Don Brown, 2 books
G. Colmore, 2 books
Samuel May, 2 books
Ruth Barnes Moynihan, 2 books
Aleck Loker, 2 books
Ann Rossi, 2 books
Elizabeth Raum, 2 books
Linda Newbery, 2 books
Suzanne Slade, 2 books
Rheta Childe Dorr, 2 books
Millicent Garrett Fawcett, 2 books
Kathleen Krull, 2 books
Tracie Peterson, 2 books
Marge Piercy, 2 books


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