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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Plutarch, 66 books
Danielle Steel, 63 books
Pietro Pomponazzi, 6 books
Cicero, 5 books
Jen Nadol, 5 books
Erin Hunter, 4 books
Kim Harrison, 4 books
Tad Williams, 4 books
Emanuele Severino, 4 books
Adam Slater, 3 books
Rick Riordan, 3 books
Joy Preble, 3 books
Meyer Fortes, 2 books
Hermann Cohen, 2 books
Richard Alan Swanson, 2 books
Nayra Atiya, 2 books
Carole Wilkinson, 2 books
Denis Diderot, 2 books
Geraldine McCaughrean, 2 books
Wilkie Collins, 2 books
Alexander of Aphrodisias., 2 books
Hillman, James., 2 books
Michael Gelven, 2 books
Frewin Jones, 2 books
Iain Lawrence, 2 books


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