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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Felicia Lowenstein Niven, 18 books
Andrew Bolton, 12 books
Chloe Taylor, 11 books
Gerri Gallagher, 10 books
Valerie Steele, 10 books
Martin, Richard, 9 books
Gianni Versace, 9 books
Patricia Mears, 9 books
Marnie Fogg, 8 books
Jill Fairchild, 8 books
Maria Luisa Frisa, 7 books
Harold Koda, 6 books
Vasilʹev, Aleksandr, 6 books
Claire Wilcox, 6 books
Paula Reed, 6 books
Mariuccia Casadio, 5 books
Farid Chenoune, 5 books
Lucia Mauro, 5 books
Jéromine Savignon, 5 books
Samuele Mazza, 5 books
Lou Taylor, 4 books
Trinny Woodall, 4 books
Julia DeVillers, 4 books
Christian Dior, 4 books
Susannah Constantine, 4 books


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