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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Valerie Steele, 58 books
Rudolph Ackermann, 40 books
Martin, Richard, 23 books
Felicia Lowenstein Niven, 21 books
Valerie Steele, 15 books
Peacock, John, 14 books
Vicki Karaminas, 14 books
Tom Tierney, 14 books
Adam Geczy, 12 books
James Laver, 11 books
Daisy Meadows, 11 books
Mariuccia Casadio, 11 books
Joanne B. Eicher, 11 books
Andrew Bolton, 11 books
Patricia Mears, 10 books
Christopher Breward, 10 books
Konami Sonoda, 10 books
Trinny Woodall, 9 books
Nicole Clarke, 9 books
Danielle Steel, 9 books
François Baudot, 9 books
Maria Luisa Frisa, 9 books
Claire Wilcox, 9 books
Melody Carlson, 8 books