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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Marilyn Payne, 3 books
Julien D. Payne, 3 books
Sanford N. Katz, 2 books
S. Randall Humm, 2 books
Beate Anna Ort, 2 books
David D. Meyer, 2 books
Harry D. Krause, 2 books
Walter Pintens, 1 book
Douglas Farrow, 1 book
David Tait, 1 book
Robert E. Oliphant, 1 book
Marvin B. Sussman, 1 book
J. Neville Turner, 1 book
Myron G. Hill, 1 book
David Marsh, 1 book
Rice, Larry, 1 book
Donald G. Tye, 1 book
William Butler, 1 book
Moskowitz, 1 book
Donald T. Kramer, 1 book
Samuel Green, 1 book
Grace A. Luppino, 1 book
Justine Fitzgerald Miller, 1 book
King, 1 book
Anne Hall-Dick, 1 book


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