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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Wendy Maltz, 3 books
Louis Untermeyer, 2 books
Christopher Hurford, 2 books
Sam Hamill, 2 books
Quinton Veal, 2 books
Derek Stanford, 1 book
Paul Keller, 1 book
Arieh Sachs, 1 book
Lukas Richter, 1 book
Izak David Du Plessis, 1 book
Merrill Cole, 1 book
Dolores Dorantes, 1 book
Harold H. Hart, 1 book
Freude N. Slipp, 1 book
Jonathan Saville, 1 book
Peter Washington, 1 book
Rolf Wilken, 1 book
Hans Clavin, 1 book
Ed Cray, 1 book
Marcela Atienza, 1 book
Judith Taylor, 1 book
William Packard, 1 book
David Lehman, 1 book
Angela Costa, 1 book
Pierre Perret, 1 book


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