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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Joe Layden, 3 books
Roger Lewis, 3 books
Sean Astin, 2 books
John Nicoletti, 2 books
Jamie Kennedy, 2 books
James E. Wise, 2 books
Oprah Winfrey, 2 books
Anthony Summers, 2 books
Martin Jarvis, 2 books
Bill Adler, 2 books
Stephen Cox, 2 books
Robbyn Swan, 2 books
Lucy Ellis, 2 books
Bryony Sutherland, 2 books
George "Doc" Burt, 2 books
Christopher Heard, 2 books
James Hatfield, 2 books
Peter Cushing, 2 books
Lewis, Roger, 2 books
Maureen O'Hara, 2 books
Laurence Olivier, 2 books
Bernard Bragg, 1 book
Kimbrell, James, 1 book
Gail Lumet Buckley, 1 book
Tom Forrester, 1 book


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