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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Ovid, 12 books
Adam Kubiak, 3 books
Cassie Miles, 2 books
Hayley DiMarco, 2 books
Sandra Marton, 2 books
Deborah Hoffman, 2 books
Irvine Welsh, 2 books
Sally Denton, 1 book
Michele Hauf, 1 book
Michelle Paver, 1 book
Anne-Laure Bondoux, 1 book
Alastair Reynolds, 1 book
Terri Reed, 1 book
Bailey, F. G., 1 book
William M. McEneaney, 1 book
Paul Kengor, 1 book
Anne Stuart, 1 book
James Carlos Blake, 1 book
James Alfred Aho, 1 book
Paul Schiff, 1 book
Shannon Drake, 1 book
Sharon Salzberg, 1 book
Francine Rivers, 1 book
John C. Fredriksen, 1 book
Trish Morey, 1 book


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