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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
James Hilton, 4 books
Foster Watson, 3 books
Guy Kendall, 3 books
Nicholas Carlisle, 2 books
l b pekin, 2 books
Levi Fox, 2 books
Leach, Arthur Francis, 2 books
T. W. Bamford, 2 books
Graham Greene, 2 books
George MacDonald Fraser, 2 books
Roach, John, 2 books
L. B. Pekin, 2 books
Watkins, Paul, 2 books
J. A. Mangan, 2 books
Antony Newcombe Gilkes, 2 books
Howard Glennerster, 2 books
P. J. Rich, 2 books
J. D. R. McConnell, 1 book
R. L. Chambers, 1 book
Howard Staunton, 1 book
Magnus, Laurie, 1 book
Reddall, Henry Frederic, 1 book
Nevill, Ralph, 1 book
M. J. W. Huggins, 1 book
Irene Fox, 1 book


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