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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Judith Bittinger, 9 books
Elly Schottman, 6 books
Caroline Linse, 6 books
Helena Gomm, 6 books
Myriam Monterrubio, 6 books
Becky Macouzet, 6 books
Jon Hird, 5 books
Annie Hughes, 3 books
Katharine Scott, 3 books
Carol Lethaby, 3 books
Edward Woods, 3 books
Dierdre Howard-Williams, 3 books
Mary Tomalin, 3 books
M. Thornton, 3 books
Julie Kniveton, 3 books
Charlotte Covill, 3 books
Margarita Matte, 3 books
Susan Banman Sileci, 3 books
Ana Maria Cuder, 3 books
Susan House, 3 books
Jeanne Perrett, 3 books
Amanda Thomas, 2 books
Barbara Stewart, 2 books
David Spencer, 2 books
G. Pritchard, 2 books


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