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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
C.J. Moore, 2 books
Andrew Littlejohn, 1 book
Brian Abbs, 1 book
British Council, 1 book
Pie Corbett, 1 book
Oscar Wilde, 1 book
Sarah Cunningham, 1 book
Michael Walker, 1 book
Guy Wellman, 1 book
Barbara R. Denman, 1 book
Chris Barker, 1 book
Anne Taylor, 1 book
Mary Finocchiaro, 1 book
Herbert Puchta, 1 book
Diana Hicks, 1 book
Ingrid Freebairn, 1 book
Deborah Meyers, 1 book
Betsy Pennink, 1 book
Sarah Woolard, 1 book
Susan House, 1 book
Sandra J. Briggs, 1 book
N. Elizabeth Lavie, 1 book
Anne Worrall, 1 book
A. Cherel, 1 book
Tom Hutchinson, 1 book


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